Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Go Big

 I have enjoyed a flurry of sales through several of my galleries lately- thank you, Universe. All of the paintings sold have been big ones. I'm not really sure why but I prefer to do big paintings so this gives me permission to do more of them!

Just put the last strokes on this one minutes ago- "Sand and Surf"  36 x 48" acrylic. Another gift of the trip last year to Calvert Island.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Comings and goings

I'm back in the studio after being in Calgary at the Stampede Art show for 2 weeks. It was quite an experience. Although we had lots of advice from artist friends who have done the Stampede show before, there is nothing to quite prepare you for the experience.

First I must say that the spirit and resolve of the city of Calgary and the many volunteers who work at the Stampede was remarkable. Many said it couldn't be done in the wake of the devastating floods, but the Stampede went off without a hitch. The art show was impressive- beautiful presentation and attention to detail. We were impressed with the caliber of art there and also the spirit of camaraderie amongst the artists. Sales for us could have been better but it was a learning experience and if Alan does it again next year, he will have a much better idea of how to manage everything.

I am so happy to be home now and back in the studio. I launched immediately into a huge oil painting of a waterfall I photographed on the drive home from Calgary. Quickly realized that I had bitten off a bit too much for the first piece after a 2 week absence from painting. I put the piece aside and started a 34 x 48" acrylic beach painting. It's about 1/3 of the way along and is going well so far. I hope to take it to the Adele Campbell Gallery when I go to Whistler to teach at the end of the week.

The piece in this post is from my trip to Italy. I put the final touches on it this morning. "A Road in Puglia" 24 x 30" acrylic.