Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Painting Big


This place is about 7 minutes from my house. I spent a beautiful afternoon painting plien air there a week ago. I took a few shots with my phone and one photo led to this 36 x 48" painting. I love painting big- have resolved to do a few more large scale pieces soon. It feels like being there when I'm working on a big piece.

This will be the final major painting that I'm taking to Calgary for the Stampede Art show. I might get a few more little ones done before I go. I'm getting excited, looking forward to being there again. The camaraderie with the other artists and the chance to talk to people about my work are my favourite things about the experience. It does feel like a marathon at times and the days are very long, but I feel blessed to be able to go.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

How now purple cow?

This little 12 x 16" painting is bound for the Western Art show at the Calgary Stampede. It's acrylic on panel and uses a combination of textural techniques with small brushwork and many layers on the cow. Don't have a title yet but maybe "Purple Cow".

Monday, May 15, 2017

Purple Sky

"Purple Sky" 30 x 40" oil

I haven't posted for quite a while so thought I would share a recent large piece. I combined two reference photos for this one- one for the sky and one for the landscape. The challenge was to make the colours harmonious.
This painting will go with me to the Calgary Stampede Western Art show in July.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Aspen grove

Golden Grove 24 x 36" acrylic

This painting is another one on hardboard panel. I painted most of it with a lot of drippy, wet, textural techniques. Scraping occurred for some of the grasses. Then I used more controlled brush strokes where needed for the negative shapes, tree trunks and foliage.

It was the light and pattern of the image that made me want to paint it. Right now we are so starved for sunshine. Nice to experience it in a painting, if not real life....

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Mural assistant

Alan and I are busy working on a mural for the BC Farm Museum here in Fort Langley. This is panel #3. When I go to work on it alone, Havi comes along to keep me company. So far I'm really enjoying working on this scale and figuring out how to handle each image. Alan is the mural expert, so it's good to have his guidance. We're doing six 4 x 8 foot panels and they will be revealed on June 17th.