Monday, February 15, 2016


We started this year with a trip to San Jose, Mexico. Alan and I have 2 great galleries that we are represented by, down there- The Old Town Gallery in San Jose , and The Golden Cactus Gallery, in Cabo. I love the beaches in the area and since we got home, I've been working on a series of beach paintings. These are oil paintings, and each one is teaching me more about working with oils. Painting #3 is well along.

I've gone through a lot of cobalt blue so went off to Opus yesterday to get a big new tube- wow- cost about $100.00! Too bad I love that colour so much.

Spring classes are about to begin. I have weekly classes starting in Fort Langley in March, plus a weekend class in West Van in April. Just booked a summer class in Whistler in August. All details are on my website if you're interested.