Tuesday, October 27, 2015


These are three of my recent animal series paintings. I'm still exploring the textured abstract backgrounds with realistic subjects. I'm having way too much fun and getting more confident as I do each new one. The white chicken was done right after the crows. After the uber- colourful background in the crows, I suddenly felt the need for extreme colour restraint, so I started the chicken piece with black.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Bully Boys

"Bully Boys"   18 x 24" acrylic
This is another painting done on hardwood panel. I'm into experimenting with texture right now and marrying the realistic with the abstract. I started the background first, then roughed in the calves. Then I went back to working on the background with a lot of drips and scratching and dragging through the wet paint. Once everything was dry, I finished the calves and then went back into the background with more negative and positive shapes. I kept to a limited palette for this painting: ultramarine blue, quin red, quin gold, quin burnt orange, dioxazine purple and white.