Thursday, March 26, 2015

Even newer crow- actually a raven

   Raven's Rest 24 x 48" acrylic

I had no intention of painting this piece quite this way. I started the underpainting and began to have fun with it- letting drips happen and working wet into wet paint. I initially thought I would paint most of the painting more literally but as the painting evolved, I couldn't bring myself to cover up all the abstract passages. It became a goal to add just enough detail and then let go. It was exciting and very intense. I think this painting taught me a lot and I hope that it will have an influence in future works.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

new crow

"Nestled in the Pines"
18 x 20" acrylic

The gallery in Fort Langley asked for a crow painting so here's my effort. I have been struggling with several large paintings so it was a joy to do this one and have it turn out. I think I am paying the price for having not painted since early December. I have to trust that if I just keep painting, I will find my feet again. It does feel so good to be back in the studio after all the disruption of the move.

This painting was done on a panel, rather than the canvas that I usually use. Panel lends itself to textural techniques and I played with dripping and wet in wet quite a bit. I tried to keep it loose and just apply detail where necessary. I used a limited palette of dioxazine purple, green gold, quinacridone gold, ultramarine blue, quinacridone burnt orange and white.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

New Beginnings

I'm happy to report that we sold our house and moved into our new place about a month ago. Last week I finally started working in my new studio. The new space is smaller but cosy, welcoming and full of light. It's an open loft on the top floor of our townhouse. I love working there. Right now I'm working on my third painting- images to come.