Wednesday, March 18, 2015

new crow

"Nestled in the Pines"
18 x 20" acrylic

The gallery in Fort Langley asked for a crow painting so here's my effort. I have been struggling with several large paintings so it was a joy to do this one and have it turn out. I think I am paying the price for having not painted since early December. I have to trust that if I just keep painting, I will find my feet again. It does feel so good to be back in the studio after all the disruption of the move.

This painting was done on a panel, rather than the canvas that I usually use. Panel lends itself to textural techniques and I played with dripping and wet in wet quite a bit. I tried to keep it loose and just apply detail where necessary. I used a limited palette of dioxazine purple, green gold, quinacridone gold, ultramarine blue, quinacridone burnt orange and white.

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