Saturday, March 11, 2017

Aspen grove

Golden Grove 24 x 36" acrylic

This painting is another one on hardboard panel. I painted most of it with a lot of drippy, wet, textural techniques. Scraping occurred for some of the grasses. Then I used more controlled brush strokes where needed for the negative shapes, tree trunks and foliage.

It was the light and pattern of the image that made me want to paint it. Right now we are so starved for sunshine. Nice to experience it in a painting, if not real life....


  1. Hi there Janice, just wanted to let you know that a deviantart user is posting one of your paintings as their own. It seems like they've done it with other artists as well, so reporting them might fix the issue (but you need to be the copyright holder to do that). Here's the link:

    1. oh man I was here to let them know too
      hope the art on dev gets taken down from that person's account

  2. WOW! That is beautiful Janice!