Sunday, November 29, 2009

So here's the big excitement around our house right now- my new studio!! Not quite finished but coming along nicely. I have been painting in a tiny bedroom in our house for 20 years so this will be amazing. It will 450 square feet- all mine.


  1. That was worth waiting for!! Yours is better than Alan's. Looking forward to seeing some very big stuff!!!

  2. Janice - that looks so awesome - good for you!

  3. Hi Janice, great news, will Alan bring dinner out to you?!! Have been thinking about you so was glad to hear all is going well for you both with travel ahead too. I miss you but don't have a trip to the coast planned as yet. Happy painting to you both Love Louanne H

  4. Wow, looks terrific Janice, when will it be done? I am moving into a brand new studio myself, today in fact. Will send you a video when I'm all settled.

    Have a fabulous time in Mexico!

    Big hi to Alan.


  5. YAY!!!! What a wonderful project! I bet you can't wait to move all your goodies in and get started. Enjoy!