Saturday, January 16, 2010

Here is our neighbourhod of San Antonio, in San Miguel. Also a picture of Diane, Blue and I on our way to the Saturday market.
We had a violent storm yesterday with thunder, lightening, and torrential rain. Today was glorious- sunny and warm. Rick and I painted on the terrance all afternoon. Alan was feeling under the weather with the flu bug that everyone but me has been fighting. Up on the terrace we were seranaded by the cacophany of sounds that are San Miguel- roosters crowing, dogs barking, doves cooing, Spanish music wafting from passing cars and the cockateil from the next street over who does the same wolf whistle all day.
Tomorrow there is a blessing of the animals at a local church. We are told there will be lambs, goats, burros and lots of dogs and cats. Blue will go and be among the blessed. Photos will be coming of that.

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