Sunday, August 19, 2012

I finished this painting last week- "The Way Through" 40 x 30" acrylic. It's another Calvert Island Piece. A little different for me as the light is quite subtle. Strong light and shadow edits the details and I think, makes the image easier to paint. This one was a lot of work but I'm pretty happy with the results. I love the colour transitions in the rocks.

I've entered the painting in a competition- will report on how I do once I find out. I would like to enter more competitions- I think it's a good way to challenge oneself.  In the past that hasn't been a priority for me but I am ready to be more open to getting my work out there, beyond the commercial galleries.

Speaking of getting the work out there, a group of my paintings were rented out last week to a movie production. One painting had a small featured role with a close up. It represented the transformation of the main character, an artist called Sarah Robertson. They had to use my last name due to the signature on the paintings!

The experience of renting was ok but we did have 4 frames that were damaged by the production. They are going to pay to replace them but this is something that I will consider next time I'm approached to rent.

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