Monday, January 14, 2013

The Red Roan Foal

I have had the photo for this for years but always thought the values were too subtle. For some reason, it suddenly seemed appealing to paint.  I love horses and think that draft horses are especially magnificent. I was working on this one, which is 16 x 20 and a big still life at the same time but once I started this, I couldn't stop. Did it slowly, and meticulously and enjoyed every minute.

Weird because I thought I was heading in the direction of loosening up in my work. This brings up the whole issue of style and how to find it. I had been feeling a bit lost in terms of the direction of my work- feeling influenced by looking at other artist's work that I admire. Then I read something my buddy, Liz Wiltzen wrote in her blog- said she has realized that her goal should not be to paint in any particular style but to paint more like HER. Bingo- just what I needed to hear.

Now I will just get back to painting what I love and let the style be whatever comes. I'll do the best job  that I'm capable of with each painting; some might be looser, some might be more precise, but for sure, they will all be mine.

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