Sunday, January 22, 2012

Here are two of my first ever paintings of a live model. I went into the experience fully expecting to be completely lost so I was very surprised to be able to do anything that was half decent. I really like the ballerina painting. The other one has some problems but still, I learned a huge amount while doing it. I learned a lot too, from watching, Liz, Gaye, Sarah and Jean- they did some beautiful work.
I 'm hoping to do this again soon. I never considered the figure to be something that I would be interested to paint, even though most of my favourite artists are figure painters; Sargent, Sorolla and Richard Schmid. It's a whole new world to explore.


  1. wow beautiful job! I especially love the ballerina one :)

  2. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment.!

  3. Wow, I love the Ballerina. loose...gorgeous colours too. The ballerina skirt is very Sargentish.

    1. "Sargentish"- wow the ultimate compliment- thanks Susie!

  4. BRAVO! Your FIRST ever paintings from a live model? Could have fooled me. You are such an accomplished artist, I am not at all surprised. Are you talking about Liz Wiltzen and Sarah Kidner?

  5. You are very generous, Alice- I really appreciate your kind words. yes I am talking about Liz Wiltzen and Sarah Kidner