Saturday, January 21, 2012

Here's my painter friend, Liz Wiltzen and I, along with Lily and Blue, just before we drove up to Sorento last Tuesday.

I spent three days with Liz, Sarah Kidner, Jean Pederson and Gaye Adams, at Gaye's beautiful home near the lake. We painted from models, ate too much, tried to figure out the truth of art and laughed- a lot. What a gift.

I have never painted from a live model before so it was a huge learning experience for me. I will post a couple of my paintings, as well as a few shots of the group, later.


  1. Nice! if you every find the truth fill me in : )

  2. Hey Janice, so glad you came! It was such a great 3 days, loved every minute of it.
    Liz xo

    1. It really was a wonderful three days. I got to hang with 4 of my favourite artists- I feel quite blessed. Hope to see you soon!